Visual Design

The VanCougar Newsmagazine
The VanCougar is a student-run newsmagazine that keeps the community engaged in current local events while maintaining a high standard of ethical journalism.

At The VanCougar I worked as the Layout Editor for all print magazines starting in July of 2021. During this time I created dynamic designs to enhance the stories being told and created intriguing covers to increase pick up rates. Prior to reporters finishing their stories I begin to gather inspiration from Pinterest, UnSplash and other news organizations. Once stories are edited, I read through them and decide what visual direction is best to move forward with. The creation process involves many Adobe programs, the most common being InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Below I have featured various covers and story layouts, which represent my time with The VanCougar.
Humanizing Homelessness
Humanizing Homelessness was a mock campaign created in the fall of 2021 during a Washington State University digital diversity class. This project aims to humanize homeless people with the communities that they reside in.

During this campaign I defined all aspects of the style guide, such as the color pallet and font. During the designing portion of the campaign I worked closely with the web team using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, the project style guide and interview content to create the visuals for the website, the promotional posters and the stickers.
King of space reconstruction
During my final term at WSUV I was fortunate enough to participate in the reconstruction of Sarah Smith's 1991 game King of Space. This project is still underway, but I am part of the multimedia design team. Within this team I played a vital role in color selection, logo design and other content development.

Below I have featured some logo designs I presented to the class. These logos were not the final selection, but they were selected by the class and presented to Sarah Smith.
SLIDEshow design
Below I have included some examples of Google slideshows I handmade for my marketing classes. Slideshows are an important aspect of educational storytelling that I love working on. To make these slides I crafted various templates within google using helpful tools for illustrations(aka. Adobe Illustrator). Once finished, I began adding in the intellectual content my teacher had requested.

The first set of 4 was part of a slideshow about Plantix that I worked on entirely by myself for an independent research project. This portion of the class was intended for us to learn about our company, the target market and what information is already known. The second set of 4 was part of a slideshow about Plantix that my group and I all worked on together. This portion of the class was intended for us to explain our research methodology when attempting to learn more about the buying/downloading process and the overall brand perception of the company. I wanted to show both sets of slides to prove how versatile my designs can be depending on the current needs of a project.

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