Below is a list of all of the services I offer. I don't list prices for my services online as I believe every client project is different and unique. After I chat with a client I shape all my packages to their exact needs and budget. I find that working this way benefits my clients the most.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to receive a quote on these services.
Branding design is my favorite work to complete for clients. We'll have so much fun working together starting from the discovery stage to the very end when we complete the style guide.
I recently introduced a new onboarding process for clients that makes brand design not only more fun, but also easy and smooth. I currently offer four kits intended to help new or established brands. ​​​​​​​As stated above, these kits are moldable and can be shaped specifically to your business. That way you receive all the assets you need and you end don't end up paying for assets that aren't useful to you!
Just the Basics
Just the Basics is for someone needing just a wordmark logo and a matching icon. This kit is great for a one off project for an existing business or for a start-up just forming!
This kit allows clients up to 3 rounds of revisions and can take anywhere from 2-5 weeks to complete.
Brand Starter Kit
The Brand Starter package is for someone who just needs a logo and a little help getting a brand started. This may be because you're just starting out or your existing business wants to experiment with a different look.
This kit includes multiple logos for different uses, 1-3 color palette, a design font and a small moodboard. Don't worry though! This kit can always be expanded into a Brand Foundations kit or Brand Buildout kit later on. I always keep in mind the full brand identity when creating a starter kit!
For Brand Starter Kits, the client is allowed up to 5 rounds of revisions. The logo design kit typically takes 2-6 weeks to complete.
Brand Foundations Kit
The Brand Foundations package is my favorite one! It's the perfect mix for those wanting to outline the aesthetic core of their brand, while still keeping budget in mind. This kit is for a new or older business who wants a clear direction for their brand. It includes multiple logo designs for various uses, a 5+ color palette, design fonts, patterns or textures, a social media logo and a beautiful mood board. 
The client is allowed five rounds of revisions, but most only use a couple of these rounds to get the kit refined perfectly. The brand foundations kit typically takes 2-6 weeks to complete.
Brand Buildout Kit
The Brand Buildout is for a business who wants all the same things as the Brand Foundations kit, but wants more bang for their buck! The buildout will outline everything you could possibly need design-wise for your business. It includes multiple logo designs for various uses, a color palette, design fonts, web-friendly fonts, patterns or textures, multiple types of social media logos, client selected marketing designs and a beautiful mood board.
The client is allowed 5 rounds of revisions, plus some bonus alterations based on feedback. The brand buildout kit typically takes 3-6 weeks to complete.
Click the button view to view some of my recent branding projects!
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing is a new service I offer to small businesses. I currently offer three tiers for you to pick from.​​​​​​​
Canva Templates
Are you a hands on business owner that just needs a tiny bit of help? Good news for you! I can build your business beautiful one of a kind Canva templates. These templates are great for someone who wants to stay involved in their social media, but doesn't have a natural eye for aesthetics. 
The Basic social media tier is for a business who needs consistent posts on their accounts, but doesn't have the budget for all the bells and whistles. Typically this tier results in a social media calendar, 3 posts per week, including 50/50 original visual content and 100% original copy. This kit does not include answering customer messages. 
Above & Beyond
The Above & Beyond social media tier is for a business who want to really engage with their clients and expand their reach on social media. Typically this tier results in a social media calendar, 3-4 posts per week, including 90/10 original visual content and 100% original copy. For clients who select this tier, I will also throw in additional content here and there and answer customer messages. 
Portrait photography is something I've offered since I first started dabbling in photography. My favorite type of portraits are senior shoots because seniors are so excited and fashionable. I love using my photography skills to show off who a graduating senior is!
I also offer couple, family, pet and business shoots. That way you can have beautiful lasting photos for every single aspect of your life.
I currently offer multiple kits with varying amounts of shoot time and edited photos.
The mini session is for a senior or couple who just wants a small number of photos taken at one location. 
My standard photo package is offered for seniors, couples or families who want a decent amount of edited photos and possibly a few different outfit styles.
A luxury session results in a ton of photos, taken at multiple locations and in different outfits. Seniors, couples and families can all enjoy a luxury portrait package.
Within my business package I offer two different photography categories and let you pick want you need. My typical clients want photos of their team or product photos, but if you have something specific that doesn't quite fit into those parameters, do not hesitate to reach out!
Videography is something I offer for smaller businesses who need marketing materials. Please view my videography below to see how the typical interview style video may help you out!
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